52 Weeks of Photography: Week 2 (An Early Morning)

So originally this was going to be a post full of wonderful sunrise photographs.  Unfortunately, a combination of cloudy British skies and a slope that refused (no matter how much I willed it) to turn to face the south-east  conspired against me.  Instead, I had a good chance to try out my macro attachment.  I would call it a macro lens, but it isn’t, really.  What I use is a poor man’s macro: the Raynox DCR-250.  Still a very handy piece of kit, though, and it does make a small but noticeable improvement to close-up shots by giving you that extra little bit of magnification.  Anyway, the result was a lot of moss…

What I learned: The macro attachment is pretty spectacular, and the camera performs really well even without that.  The moss shots were effortless, and all turned out well (I had another dozen or so decent shots).  The sunrise was another matter…  I knew that I would struggle because of the orientation of the hill, but I didn’t really plan my morning beyond “go outside some time around sunrise”.  I think if I really wanted a good sunrise photograph it would be a drive to a place where I’m guaranteed a good shot (probably Ilkley Moor would be a good option) and then camping out for a few hours.  I just don’t know if I care that much!!  Next week I’m going to play with the macro attachment some more, inspired by this fascination post on insects found in light fittings (h/t The Dragonfly Woman).  It’s more interesting than it sounds!

Oh, and for all you cat fans, here is a better shot of the moggy:



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