What to do if someone threatens/attacks you with a knife


Here is an interesting little piece of footage from a Russian knife fighting competition. Naturally the competitors don’t want to train or compete with sharp knives, as the aim is to make cuts that cause as much damage as possible. A neck cut is considered an instant victory with different numbers of points awarded to different body parts. Instead, they use harmless rubber knives with ink to show where they cut.  They even wear swimming goggles to make sure that the don’t damage eyes.  As this video shows, this style of fighting involves a lot of luck and a lot of agility.

Many apparently even bouts end when a lucky combatant scores a big cut.  It doesn’t have to be much: knives aren’t about strength as they just need to touch you to cause massive damage. There is an old adage that the winner of a knife fight judged by 12, while the loser is carried away by 6. Even if you have a knife, and even if you are highly trained, the best thing to do when faced with a knife-wielding attacker is just to RUN AWAY! Perhaps being trained is worse because you might feel like it’s a good idea to test your skill…  However, there’s certainly no shame in surviving.

[h/t Stany from the Ottawa Aikikai for sharing this]


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