How to make the world more awesome

Some of you may have noticed that some things about the world are a bit depressing. Economic crises, unemployment, famine, poverty, disease… There isn’t much that we can do about these things as individuals, but there are some initiatives up and running that might help to make the world a slightly less depressing and slightly more awesome place to live in.
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Licensing and legitimacy in alternative medicine

Interprovincial naturopath wars!

I saw this sign literally yards from my home in Ottawa. So close to the border between Ontario and Quebec, there is a lot of competition for services, competition which is enhanced by the fact that there are two different tax rates in the provinces. In this case, the Ontario naturopath is arguing that the customer (and let’s face it, users of naturopathy are really more customers than patients) would be better off using a provider from a province within which naturopathy is licensed and regulated (i.e. Ontario) rather than a province where the practice is unregulated (i.e. Quebec).  Of course, this really boils down to a debate over whether or not the Emperor’s new clothes were made by a tailor who was part of the Tailors’ Guild…
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