A recommitment to blogging!

After seeing a discussion on Twitter about the “end of year” statistics that WordPress provides, I was curious about how many people were reading the blog. It turns out that this was the best year yet, with around 32,700 views in total. This pushes me well over 100,000 total views since I started the blog in 2011. However, I also noticed that I hadn’t posted anything since May 2015! So here’s my New Year (re)commitment to getting the blog up and running again (not my first refresh!). Just to get a few ideas out there, I’ll be trying for a post every two weeks (at least) and I’ll be blogging on the following topics:

  • Invasive reptiles
  • Dragonflies in cities
  • Social media in education
  • Opportunities for field experience
  • A whole host of paper summaries which are nearly finished!

I’m curious as to how other people structure their writing, though? Do you dedicate a certain time/day to it? Do you have a long list of topics that you want to write about or are you just inspired and sit down to write?


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