52 Weeks of Photography: Week 6 (York Minster)

I’m lagging a week behind right now because of a top-secret project that I’ve been working on for a few weeks.  To fill the void, here are some photos from a recent trip to York.  We ended up picking an exceptionally nice day for a visit, so I based this around some photographs of York Minster.  It reminded me of a trip to the Basilica Sacré Coeur in Paris – brilliant blue sky against which the architecture was silhouetted:


One thought on “52 Weeks of Photography: Week 6 (York Minster)

  1. My favorite memory from visiting York a couple of years ago: bunch of local kids playing on the walls, jumping on and off, generally doing what kids do outside. To us, this was centuries-old History. To them, it was just their back yard. England (and probably, Europe in general) does that sort of thing in a way that North America doesn’t.

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