52 Weeks of Photography: Week 3 (Insect Graveyards)

Last week I mentioned being inspired by this fascination post from Dragonfly Woman, who looked at the diversity of insects that had passed-on in various light fittings around her home.  I thought I would try the same thing, as it gives an opportunity to get close to the wee beasties without them running away.  Here’s the result:

What I learned:  This was the first time that I had actually tried playing with the settings on the camera.  In particular, I fiddled with setting the white balance relative to the card on which I was photographing the specimens.  This was important because of the peculiar light levels and the fact that most of the light was coming from a little angle-poise lamp that made everything yellow.   As with last week, I used my Raynox faux-macro and it performed pretty well.  There were some specimens that really need magnification, though…


3 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Photography: Week 3 (Insect Graveyards)

  1. Thanks guys – I was amazed by the diversity that I found! I thought it might make a nice little note to a biology teachers’ magazine as a resource. There are plenty of things you can do: make an insect collection (though some specimens are brittle), calculate diversity, map them onto a phylogenetic tree… Then there’s the discussion of synathropy, which most of these species exhibit.

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