Hello (again) world!

Having abandoned my plans of maintaining a blog almost 18 months ago, I now find myself posting far too many thoughts on Facebook and Google+. As a result, I’m going to give the blog a go again on a new (and, I think, prettier) platform. I only posted a few times on my old blog and I will repost those entries here over the next few days to preserve them for posterity(?).  I also had a few “guest spots” elsewhere. If you want to read a bit about what I’ve been up to, here are some links to my previous guest blog posts:

Feb 2011, Survey of Canadian Woo, CFI Ottawa Blog

Feb 2010, Climate change in Canada, Merseyside Skeptics Blog

Nov 2009, Darwin, evolution, Hitler and the public misunderstanding of science, Merseyside Skeptics Blog

Nov 2009, Public opinion on science: who to trust and when? Merseyside Skeptics Blog

Nov 2009, The Daily Mail vs science: arrogant gods of certainty (vs scientists), Merseyside Skeptics Blog

Nov 2009, Our man in Ottawa: How to deal with creationists, Merseyside Skeptics Blog

Oct 2009, Our man in Ottawa: Creationism 101, Merseyside Skeptics Blog


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