Odonate of the week: Pyrrhosoma nymphula

This week’s odonate of the week is Pyrrhosoma nymphula, the large red damselfly (we call a spade a spade in the UK…).  The male is the first photo (note the small, black genital claspers at the tip of the abdomen) and the female is the second photo (note the rounded tip to the abdomen with the short ovipositor projecting from the tip).

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Odonate of the week: Celithemis eponina

I have accumulated a few photos of dragonflies and damselflies over the past few years and I don’t really have anywhere to share them, so I thought I would post them here.  Since it features in the header of the blog, I though I might as well start with this one of Celithemis eponina.  And yes, I did spend about 15 minutes trying to get the wings parallel to the top and bottom of the photo.  It’s a good job this is a percher, not a flier…

Celithemis eponina

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