Is religion good for the environment?

The Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism (CASS) was asked recently to take part in a discussion of the relationship between religion and the environment.  A number of questions were put to the group, and I have reproduced those questions below with some of my (brief) answers.  Feel free to chip-in in the comments – I’d be interested to hear what others think!Read More »


Hume, the self, and morals

I was fortunate to attend a fascinating talk a few weeks ago, hosted by Centre for Inquiry Ottawa and given by Professor Gordon Davis, the chair of the Philosophy Department at Carleton University. The talk was intended to celebrate the contributions of David Hume to science, skepticism and secularism during the year that marked the 30oth anniversary of his birth. Prof Davis gave a really fascinating, off-the-top-of-his-head summary of what he felt were the most important and most influential (not necessarily the same thing) contributions that Hume made. The entire talk was informative, especially for someone as philosophically illiterate as myself.
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The problem of hierarchical problems

I was at the CFI Ottawa Unsermon this morning (which I highly recommend for brunch and intelligent conversation!) and got into a debate justifying the actions of CFI.  The discussion was sparked by this sentiment: “There are big issues (health, environment, economy) that need to be solved.  CFI takes on smaller projects that do not address those bigger issues and so is not worth investing in.”
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