Debunking the drug store: Oscillococcinum and Homeocoksinum

For those of you who have been following the past couple of posts, I am currently working my way through part of a shelf in Shoppers Drug Mart and critically evaluating some of their products.  I’ve already covered Boiron’s “Stodal” cough syrup and found it to be a combination of folk remedies and wishful-thinking.  However, their big product is the flu-remedy Oscillcoccinum.  This is among the top ten over-the-counter medicines sold in France (not surprising given their love of homeopathy), so it isn’t a “fringe” alternative medicine by any means.  Oscillococcinum (“Oscillo” for short) and Homeocoksinum (its Canadian cousin) are the same medicine marketed by two different companies, so I’m going to deal with them together.
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Debunking the drug store: Introduction

So I was in a well-known Canadian drug store a week or two ago, and I decided to take a skeptical wander down some of their aisles.  Alongside copious cosmetic products (which require a post on their own), I came across what I suppose was the “seasonal remedies” section.  This aisle contained remedies for ‘flu and hayfever.  What interested me was the juxtaposition of the different treatments and the lack of information provided on the display about the nature of each of the products.  Read More »