Dragonfly intestines: nature’s Swiss Army knife

“We should be extremely cautious in concluding that an organ could not have been formed by transitional gradations of some kind.  Numerous cases could be given amongst the lower animals of the same organ performing at the same time wholly distinct functions; thus in the larva of the dragonfly… the alimentary canal respires, digests and excretes.”

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How cryptozoology could actually do some good

I have posted a few times about “cryptids” and mentioned that the study of cryptids is called “cryptozoology”.  This has been very much a fringe science ever since its inception in the 1940s.  The disparagement has resulted from an over-reliance on anecdotal evidence and what some would call an “overabundance of credulity”.  What I am going to discuss here is not so much pure cryptozoology as the concepts that underpin it.
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