52 Weeks of Photography: Week 2 (An Early Morning)

So originally this was going to be a post full of wonderful sunrise photographs.  Unfortunately, a combination of cloudy British skies and a slope that refused (no matter how much I willed it) to turn to face the south-east  conspired against me.  Instead, I had a good chance to try out my macro attachment.  I […]

52 Weeks of Photography: Week 1 (Tropical World)

Right, week 1 of my photography “project”.  To ease myself in, my partner and I decided to go to “Tropical World” in Leeds.  This is an indoor zoo with aquaria, meerkats, and (most importantly) a butterfly house.  “Great”, I thought, “fish [or butterflies…] in a barrel!”  However, the butterfly house itself seemed only to contain […]

52 weeks of photography

OK, so my plan is to get out and actually use the rather expensive camera that I treated myself to last year (a Canon Rebel T2i).  I’m ramping up for a summer of insect photography, but for now I will settle for whatever nature happens to be around.  My idea is to post seven photographs […]